February 21 2012


The last few weeks I’ve been off. 
Ever since the waiting game on the last job I applied for and everything that happened.

I completely forgot about netball tonight which is not like me at all.
I keep clenching my jaw, I don’t know I’m doing it until my jaw is killing me. I keep putting my tongue in the way so I don’t do it.
All my muscles hurt and I feel like I have a constant headache.

As soon as I’m not feeling broke I need to go in for a massage.

It was probably really silly of me to get a tattoo at the convention, I should be putting that money towards America. But oh well, it just shows I can save money really quick so as soon as that money is saved, which is two weeks, it’ll all be going towards america.

I just hope I go back to my normal self soon, I just feel like I’m off my usual track, flailing about. These are the times I make bad decisions. When I try to compensate for the things in my life that aren’t working out.

I’m tired.  

Life's a Test

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