February 17 2012

I didn’t get the job

And it’s extremely upsetting to me because I had my hopes up pretty high. 
It was down to two people and the other girl was picked because she could start on Monday. I got a very long email explaining how amazing and perfect I was for the job, but the other girl and I were like twins - and she could start sooner.

He is keeping my CV because he seems to think the sales team will be making some changes over the next month or so, so I’m the first person they will call if a job comes up.

Im angry and sad. I’ve been going at this too long and I lost out because of something as stupid as this.

I don’t want anyones advise, or positive words. I don’t want any words of wisdom. None of that makes me feel better right now. “It’s just not the right time” “something else will come along” NONE OF THAT HELPS.

Sorry, but it doesn’t. I just need to be angry and sad for a few days.  

What will help: Getting drunk with me, bringing me food or presents. Hahaha. Kidding, I’m fine seriously, just a little normal love will help. 

Life's a Test

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