January 12 2014


Miss yelyahwilliams (@yelyahwilliams) of Paramore. Taken in Sydney at Allphones Arena. WHAT A STUNNER. I don’t think I’ve ever photographed someone so photogenic.

I cannot wait to get another chance to photograph her on their next tour!


January 04 2014


It’s been pretty quiet on the gig front lately, so I hit North Narrabeen for some sunrise shots this morning.
The top one was at about 5.30am before the sun came up, the next two were taken in succession as the sun rose at around 6am. 


December 12 2013
My first lot of prints from Pixel Perfect look awesome. These can be purchased www.etsy.com/shop/popfoxphotography ! (Link on my bio page)

My first lot of prints from Pixel Perfect look awesome. These can be purchased www.etsy.com/shop/popfoxphotography ! (Link on my bio page)

December 08 2013

The beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney 


The beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney 


November 26 2013


These stunning views were captured at Cape Kidnappers in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. This is the home of one of the largest Gannet Colonies in the Southern Hemisphere and also my home! :)


November 20 2013


I am in the process of opening a shop on Etsy!

I will have high quality prints made by Pixel Perfect in Sydney (only the best!) up for sale.
I am trying to be as affordable as possible but also having the highest quality I can get for you all.

If there are any photos…


October 28 2013


@theamityaffliction at The Big Top in Sydney for amhnetwork

Full Gallery up here


October 02 2013



Via uhhhLeesha


An absolutely shocking campaign that is truly brilliant. These images are of actual human rights abuse victims taken by traveling journalists form a variety of countries that have been placed into Switzerland’s surroundings. The shock of seeing these individuals right in front of the public eye certainly shed new light on the issue and caused a global stir. 

Watch the video

Campaign: Not here, but now 
Agency: Walker, Switzerland Via

Via Be the change you wish to see

October 01 2013


Amazing Volcanic Eruption With Northern Lights, Iceland

After hearing that the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano was erupting, photographer James Appleton made a journey to Iceland. Appleton managed to take these stunning photos of the volcano’s eruption while a light display of the aurora borealis (northern lights) filled the sky. His words express the experience best:

In 2010 I became aware of the volcanic activity on the Fimmvörðuháls mountain pass, on the side of Eyjafjallajökull. Having crossed the pass several times on previous trips to Iceland, I knew the area and that I would know my way around. Dealing with the severe winter conditions and obviously volatile situation would be something else. I am a strong believer that sometimes in life it is the risks we take that bring the greatest rewards, so with that in mind I booked flights, assembled my gear and headed out to Iceland. Arriving at night, I hitchhiked to the south coast and the start of the path up to the pass. Five days later I would return, physically and mentally exhausted, but with some of the greatest photographs I had ever taken and a pretty wide smile on my face.


Life's a Test

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